Condom distribution

Condom distribution is an important component of any HIV/AIDS prevention strategy. Scientific research shows that latex condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV and other STDs when they are used consistently and effectively.

Project Promote has developed out of the urgent need to comprehensively address the issue of the re-supply of condom dispensers at non-traditional sites. The condom-distribution project is a unique partnership between the South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (SABCOHA), the National Department of Health, Prestige and Fidelity Supercare – two of the country’s biggest contract-cleaning companies – and hygiene products supplier, Steiner Group (sister company of Prestige).

After only one year of operation the project has grown dramatically. By mid-2007 Project Promote had 43 sites around the country and was distributing around 500 000 condoms per month.

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HIV prevention in the workplace

A proposed framework(Kevin Joubert and Pierre Brouard)

Two major approaches (ideally they should be integrated):

  • Interventions which focus on individual behaviour change
  • Interventions which focus on a higher systems level

Lessons learnt so far:

  • Leadership is crucial
  • General awareness needs to be complemented by targeted programmes
  • Social mobilisation is key
  • Stigma must be specifically targeted
  • Integrate medical interventions into whole programme (VCT, ART)
  • Social cohesion and social capital strengthen interventions

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