About Us

Who We Are

We are a coalition of privately-owned companies and organisations committed to investing their resources to harness employee health, create healthier workplaces to impact our workforce and host communities to promote sustained economic growth and wellbeing.

Our Mission

To be a coalition of privately-owned companies and organisations committed to investing their resources for a sustained response against HIV/AIDS, promotion of employee health and wellbeing towards attaining healthier workplaces and safer communities.

Our Vision


A cohesive voice of the South African private sector on health, where business collaborates to ensure healthy employees and promote community wellbeing for sustained growth.

Towards healthier employees, healthier workplaces, healthier communities.

How Do We Work?

Our approach is based on our values and promises. We seek to understand how and promote healthier employees in healthier workplaces to build healthier communities.


SABCOHA aspires to serve as a hub of information and a custodian of private sector engagements on employee health, HIV/ AIDS and its related epidemics to sustain decades of achievements attained in the fight against HIV and its associated epidemics by supporting efforts for prevention, treatment and care.


We envisage positioning a united voice of the private sector central to South Africa’s public health policy reform and health data analytics and general healthcare to ensure employee health and promote community well-being for sustained growth.


Building on our strong history as a catalyst for a cohesive private sector response on health and HIV/AIDS, we aim to mobilize a formidable and sustained private sector response as a coordinator of the private sector towards heightened collaborations aimed at ending gender-based violence and femicide in the workplace, our homes and the communities we operate from.


As a membership-driven entity, SABCOHA will build its internal capacity to resource a private sector driven research agenda to include healthcare information and data analytics as an advisory body and a thought leader on health and well-being in South Africa.