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Sabcoha_Flagship_reportIn keeping with our Vision and Mission, our first key strategic deliverable is to address and mitigate the impact of HIV on vulnerable industries in South Africa. Our second strategic deliverable is to ensure that the private sector is part of a co-ordinated response to the epidemic. Our third strategic deliverable is to ensure the effective management of knowledge regarding HIV, and its impact on business. Monitoring and evaluation forms a key part of this strategic imperative. The Flagship Report is a reflection on all three of these areas of SABCOHA’s response to HIV in South Africa.

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The purpose of this document is not simply a historic narrative of what SABCOHA has achieved. Rather, the Flagship Report is an overview of the interventions undertaken, and more importantly, the lessons learned. Most of what you are about to read regarding our initiatives can, and should continue. Whether it is SABCOHA who continues to implement programmes, or co-ordinating responses, or any other entity which wishes to undertake similar initiatives, this document must be a reminder of where we have come from, what we have learned, and what we need to do more effectively. By no means is this report the final analysis of what can be done when responding to HIV in the private sector. Indeed this report only reflects the beginning, and the hard lessons learned in developing a response to the epidemic. Have we done enough? No! Could we have done more, better? I am sure. Do we have any regrets? Some, especially the fact that much of what was undertaken by SABCOHA took place at a time when HIV denialism was rife, and the distance between Government and business was wide. Was it worth it? Definitely.

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