Sabcoha Community Fund

In order to expand the contribution of business in support of Government’s HCT targets and to direct services to vulnerable beneficiaries within the business sector, SABCOHA has established a separate fund called the SABCOHA Community Fund.

The primary aim of the Fund is to extend access to HCT and wellness screening services to vulnerable employees and/or industries, typically the working poor, their families and the broader community. Vulnerability is determined largely by geographic location and economic factors, such as employment stability and the employer’s ability to pay for HCT and related services, which increase health risks.

85% of all financial contributions is allocated to the provision of HCT and wellness screening services while 15% will be allocated to enhance coordination and implementation of the business sector’s HCT strategy. For contributions greater than R1 million the 15% coordination cost may be reduced, subject to negotiation.

Summary of Benefits to Community Fund partner companies

  • Alignment with a Government led initiative of national importance
  • Addresses CSR issues through benefit to communities
  • Companies can access funding for HIV and wellness testing on condition that it is upon a co-funding arrangement, and sufficient funds exist at the time the company seeks funding for the testing
  • The Global Fund matched funding will increase targets ( and reduce costs )
  • Test kits are provided by SABCOHA
  • Companies can access generic branding for promoting the HCT campaign to their employees
  • Public relations exposure
  • Peer education training can be offered to employees (petroleum industry)
  • Condom distribution and condom dispenser installation where necessary (for the petroleum industry)
  • Project management & monitoring will be undertaken by SABCOHA
  • SED points towards the BEE scorecard
  • Donations to the fund are non-vatable
  • Companies can receive technical assistance on strategic alignment, better planning and expenditure, including alignment to the HCT Campaign
  • Companies also receive technical assistance to secure their registration on the Bizwell M&E system

SABCOHA has already allocated significant internal resources to implement the business sector HCT strategy. As donations are received, the Fund has the ability to leverage further funding, not only from within the business sector, but from local and international donors.

As a non-profit member-based association, SABCOHA’s leadership, which includes a national Board of Governors and a CEO, will have oversight of the disbursement of funds from the Community Fund.


  • SABCOHA has engaged with several Corporate companies to introduce the concept and to lobby for commitment and donations.
  • While quite a number of companies have made commitments to support the campaign, formal agreements are largely dependent on internal systems for grant payments causing some delays in implementation.
  • Donations have been received from several companies, and implementation of the HCT programme in identified communities is commencing in June.

 More companies are encouraged to make a difference in the country’s fight against HIV and AIDS.

To find out more about the Community Fund or to report your pledge, send an email to: 
or call Susan Preller on (011) 476-4270

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