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 A Condom Distribution Project

Project Promote has developed out of the urgent need to address comprehensively the issue of the re-supply of condom dispensers at non-traditional sites. The condom-distribution project is a unique partnership between SABCOHA; the national Department of Health; Prestige and Fidelity Supercare, two of the country’s biggest contract-cleaning companies; hygiene products supplier, Steiner Group (sister company of Prestige); and BidAir.

Condom distribution is an important component of any HIV/AIDS prevention strategy. Scientific research shows that latex condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV and other STDs when they are used consistently and effectively.

After only one year of operation the project has grown dramatically. Project Promote has 39 primary distribution sites around the country and distributes about 600 000 condoms a month. In addition to this, the project has been extended to facilitate training within the partner companies. Over the last seven months over 2 400 cleaners have been trained.

In order to better manage the programme, Project Promote has embarked on developing an information management system that allows the project managers to track the status as well as performance of both sites and trainers more effectively.


Underpinning Project Promote is the belief that condoms should be easily accessible to both men and women and should be distributed in places where a sense of privacy is increased and embarrassment reduced. This means that they should be available on a self-service (i.e. people can help themselves to however many condoms they would like) basis and that condoms or condom dispensers are generally found in places like clinics, hospitals, factories and mines. Usually they are placed in the toilets of the various sites for easy access and privacy.

The condom-distribution programme aims to provide easy access to as many contract cleaning staff and the public as possible. To speed up delivery, the project starts on sites where:

  1. A number of sites can be negotiated through one contract;
  2. There is a relatively high concentration of contract cleaning staff;
  3. Sites are high traffic areas for the public;
  4. Sites have space and facilities to store condoms; and
  5. Sites either have condom dispensers already onsite or are willing to fund these.

The sites that have been identified as of high importance are (in order of priority):

  1. Airports;
  2. Tertiary education institutions;
  3. Gaming sites;
  4. Shopping centres; and
  5. Hospitality industry.

What are the roles of the partners?

SABCOHA: Provides the overall project management and liaison mechanism for the project

National Department of Health (in collaboration with the relevant Provincial Departments of Health): Provides a consistent and regular supply of condoms to identified primary distribution sites and into Prestige and Fidelity Supercare’s warehousing systems. In addition to this the NDoH provides the relevant training of supervisors within the industry to manage the logistics as well as supply and demand.

Prestige and Fidelity Supercare: Provides the necessary internal resources and infrastructure to provide the service of re-supplying condom dispensers for free for their clients.

Steiner Group: Offers its distribution mechanism for its own hygiene products, which includes a fleet of 35 000 vehicles, to Project Promote.

How can clients participate?

Procurement of Condom Dispensers: Project Promote facilitates the procurement of high quality but lower-cost condom dispensers. In order to participate in the project if the site does not have condom dispensers, as a once-off charge, the client site is requested to buy at least one condom dispenser for each publicly-accessed toilet on site. If the site already contains condom dispensers and can take the new 10-pack then these condom dispensers are used.

Provide access and space: Should a site be big enough to become a primary distribution site, to provide space to store condoms onsite and allow cleaning staff access to this stock. In addition to this, provide access to the project team to audit the activities with regard to the condom distribution onsite.

Service level agreements: Project Promote aims for the re-supply of condom dispensers as a value add, to become an industry norm. Project Promote encourages clients of the cleaning industry to build the re-supply of condom dispensers into their contracts with cleaning companies where this service is provided as a value add at no extra cost to the client.

Publicity: As a beneficiary of this service to endeavour to promote the project through means such as joint press releases, and any other mutually beneficial public relationship initiatives.

Marketing of advertising space on the condom dispensers and sharing the profits: It is possible through this project that in certain instances advertising space is sold on the condom dispensers. The income generated from this can:

  1. Pay for the initial outlay for the cost of the condom dispensers;
  2. Be shared between the client site and Project Promote and form part of a corporate social responsibility contribution; and
  3. Be used for further HIV/AIDS projects in particular within the contract cleaning industry and other under-resourced industries.

How has the project progressed so far?

There are now 43 primary sites around the country distributing a total of 500 000 condoms a month. Since the project began distributing condoms in July 2006, more than three million condoms have been distributed. The aim is to get each site distributing 60 000 condoms per month, says Project Promote project leader Genieve Lemmon. One of the secrets to the project’s success is that existing infrastructure is tapped into, keeping costs down. Project Promote is in discussions with BidAir (a subsidiary of BidVest), which services airports, and Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) with a view to extending the project to both the back and front end of airports.

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