Legal considerations for an HIV/Aids policy document

There are a number of human rights, legal, and corporate governance issues that companies need to consider when producing a formal HIV/Aids policy.

legal_scalesThe Second King Report on Corporate Governance has also included a number of new non-financial risk factors that are required to be reported to stakeholders. HIV/AIDS is one such factor and the report provides an excellent succinct set of recommendations. Less than 40% of companies surveyed are reporting on HIV/AIDS – in line with the number of companies that appear to have implemented HIV/AIDS programmes.

However, there are a large variety of valuable resources available to assist in implementing an excellent policy that takes into account legislation dealing with this issue.

Is there a charter or code of conduct available?
What rights and laws does a business need to consider?

What are the relevant Acts that need to be considered?
Are there any other resources to aid business?
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