One of SABCOHA’’s key functions is to forge partnerships with other players in government, the business community, development sector and international arena, in the knowledge that the scale of the HIV/AIDS pandemic calls for co-ordinated and collaborative responses. SABCOHA is intent on facilitating the creation and sharing of best practice models for workplace HIV/AIDS initiatives in the business community.

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)

univel-transmissionsbusa_logoSABCOHA and Busa signed a record of understanding in early 2005 with the aim of developing a comprehensive strategy around HIV/AIDS for the private sector in South Africa. Busa represents South African business on macro-economic issues and other national and international matters affecting business. SABCOHA has contributed to business’s position on the issue of self-funded ARV programmes and fringe benefit tax. SABCOHA has helped Busa develop international policy around HIV/AIDS and employment. In April 2006, SABCOHA and Busa jointly hosted the first ever private sector conference on HIV/AIDS, entitled “Taking our response to the next level”.



info for africa 3logosinfo4africa-logoSABCOHA has formed a working partnership with the info4Africa Programme, Centre for HIV/AIDS Networking (HIVAN), which offers a database of 6,000 HIV-related services and support in any area of South Africa. The info4Africa Programme is dedicated to providing information on where to locate HIV-related services and support in any area of South Africa. As a result, finding appropriate HIV-related services has now been made easy.

Call the info4Africa Data Collection Line (0860 HIV 911 / 0860 448 911) or surf their database online for information on over 6 000 HIV-related organisations country-wide.

info4Africa has also recently introduced a hard copy directory project. To date, directories have been published for KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape. Gauteng’s directory will be available from early March and the rest of the country will follow shortly thereafter. A directory for each province will be produced each year. This means that each year one full set of nine provincial directories will be produced.

National Business Initiative (NBI)

nbi-logo2nbi-logo2.gifSABCOHA and the National Business Initiative are working closely together and jointly organised a business breakfast in May 2008 titled: “Has HIV/AIDS dropped off the strategic agenda of business leaders in South Africa? An update on progress and key challenges ahead.” HIV/AIDS is affecting economic activity and social progress around the world. The business costs of unmanaged HIV/AIDS are now well understood. Besides the costs to individual companies, unmanaged HIV/AIDS is hampering human resource development, undermining the skills base and driving away foreign investment.

Nelson Mandela Metropole Business Coalition (NMMBC)

As part of its mission to empower business in the fight against HIV/AIDS, SABCOHA has formed a partnership with businesses in Port Elizabeth. With a focus on the automotive industry, SABCOHA and the NMMBC are in discussions to bring the NMBC under the SABCOHA umbrella.

The Pan African Network of Business Coalitions (PABC)

pabc-logo-smallpabc-logo-small.gifThe Pan African Network of Business Coalitions (PABC) was launched in December 2005 to mobilise African business in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The formation of the PABC is part of a worldwide trend towards greater involvement of the private sector – through business coalitions –in fighting the pandemic.

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