The micro business risk survival guide – focusing on the health of your business and the people working in your business

BizAIDS – Empowering very small businesses

BizAIDS is a two days skills training programme for owners, partners and employees of microenterprises. This partnership programme between the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) and the South Africa Business Coalition on Health and AIDS (SABCOHA) was first piloted in South Africa in 2004 with funding from USAID. Through the 10 years of its existence, the program has had numerous funders including DFID, CDC, Gauteng MSAU and currently Global Fund. Over 50 facilitators were trained in the BizAIDS methodology in all 9 provinces of South Africa they understand the local language, culture and traditions and are therefore able to speak and teach in the local language where necessary. Over 40 000 microenterprise owners throughout the 9 provinces in South Africa have received BizAIDS training and still counting..

Most of the very small businesses are usually run by people engaged in business activities as a means of survival. Usually these enterprises are individually owned and mostly by women and often have very tight profit margins, limited access to support mechanisms and are often in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities consequently out of reach of educational, health and other interventions. They are particularly vulnerable to the impact of illness and have few, if any resources to support them in a crisis.

For these reasons BizAIDS was developed and is a “business health check”. The focus is on the importance of sustaining business health and continuity in the face of a variety of risks BizAIDS addresses the health and empowerment of such micro enterprises and the people involved with them, by combining business, life skills training with HIV and AIDS and TB information.

BizAIDS Content includes:

Manage your business

  • Importance of keeping business records
  • Developing plans and systems to manage and grow your business

Know you business

  • Basic finance/money management
  •  Be able to Identify risks – SWOT Analysis

Protect your business includes:

  • Plan for the future to minimise risks including health and legal
  • Multi-skill employees/partners so that business continues

Share information

  • Know the resources closer to your business – e.g. Community Health Care Centre, Department of Social Services, NGO’s etc
  • Share info with family, employees and community

If you would like to fund/sponsor or info on BizAIDS please contact:

Dorothy Phahla

BizAIDS Project Manager


Tel W: +27 11 476 4270