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Membership growth critical to SABCOHA’s sustainability

Retention and growth of our membership base remains a strategic focus area because the sustainability of SABCOHA depends on this more than any other source of funding. Member contributions to SABCOHA’s mission cannot be underestimated and remain fundamental to our ability to deliver on our mandate, while keeping pace with the expectations of stakeholders and the rapidly expanding workload.

Membership options

An external organisational review of SABCOHA in 2009 identified the global financial crisis and the expectation of members to receive direct benefit for their fees as two serious challenges to sustaining membership support. In August 2009, SABCOHA restructured its categories of financial contributions into sponsors and members, enabling self-selected and customised support options with increased status and recognition.

Membership means renewable annual financial contributions for the collective effort and achievement of organisational objectives. Members can formally participate in organisational structures and influence the organisational priorities.

Sponsorship is a once-off financial contribution over which the sponsor may specify terms and conditions for use and require direct reporting.

There are different levels for both membership:

Membership Category Annual membership fees (excl VAT)
Platinum R200,001 and above
Gold R100,001 – R199,999
Silver R60,001 – R199,999
Bronze R12,001 – R59,999
 Small and Meduim Enterprises R12,000
Micro Enterprises R1,200

Why should I join?

The organised business environment offers a unique opportunity to target millions of employees affected by TB, HIV and AIDS. SABCOHA aims to mobilise, empower and coordinate a unified business sector response to the epidemic. To this end, SABCOHA strives to help companies, both large and small, in their efforts by implementing specific workplace interventions.

As a member or sponsor of SABCOHA you can participate in these initiatives that provide both the skills and the knowledge to manage TB, HIV and AIDS in the workplace. Being a member of SABCOHA allows you to benefit from discounts from service providers and suppliers and offers a platform to learn from and engage with other members and experts in the field. Furthermore, SABCOHA membership affords your company the opportunity to be part of the broader business sector response, advocating for change in national policies when necessary and collaborating with other sectors and national, provincial and district AIDS structures.

How to join

Simply fill in a  Membership Application Form_2013_, and email or fax form and proof of payment to SABCOHA.

For enquiries about membership or sponsorship please contact Anita Volker on or call +27 11 476 4270.